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Access the unforgettable... it's what we do best

Run-of-the-mill vacations just won't cut it with Excellent Guides. We're known for going above and beyond, teaming up with local experts, and adding authentic local flavor to give our guests special travel experiences that are creative, inspiring, and more exciting than anywhere else.

Expect the Extraordinary Count on us to take you beyond the ordinary, away from the usual tourist spots. We spend years testing and improving our trips, always going the extra mile to find unique ways to make your experience of different cultures, histories, and nature more enriching. With us, you'll get access to places and experiences that other travelers miss out on. Get ready to be amazed by events and activities exclusive to Excellent Guides.

We Challenge the Status Quo We never settle for anything less than the best. That's why we spend two years tweaking every detail of every trip before we send it, and you, out on the road. Then we keep on making improvements, so you can keep on having the best experiences at each destination.

Experiences as Memorable as the Places Join us on our trips around the world, and get ready to see things in a whole new way. Go off the beaten path. Meet local people. Make it personal. Get ready for moments that will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Embrace Life-Changing Moments Experience the wonders of the world in places like Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda and Botswana. See the circle of life in the Serengeti, learn about great migration in Tanzania.

Rest Assured... Where you stay is an important part of your trip. That's why we personally check out all our accommodations for comfort, service, and convenience. From hotels to African safari camps, we choose places that will make your journey even more memorable.