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Luxury Safaris

What makes a Private Classic safari?


Experience the ultimate in privacy and personalized service as you traverse the wild landscapes in your private convoy, guided by expert drivers and a dedicated Safari Director who cater solely to your desires. Embrace the freedom to set your own pace, savoring each encounter with wildlife and each breathtaking vista without the distractions of others. Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary with our Private Classic safari—a bespoke adventure designed for those who seek nothing less than the pinnacle of luxury and adventure.

Hundreds of departures available

Embark on your dream safari with EXG's Classic Safari collection, offering an array of captivating journeys to suit your preferences. With hundreds of departures available, select the Classic Safari that speaks to your wanderlust and choose the date that aligns perfectly with your group's schedule.

Simply reach out to us, and if your preferred date is open, it's yours to claim. Should it be unavailable, rest assured, we're committed to making your safari dreams a reality. We'll work tirelessly to accommodate your needs and ensure your adventure unfolds exactly as you envision, no matter what it takes.

A Private Safari for Less

Step into a world of unmatched luxury with our Private Classic Safari. Enjoy the exclusivity of a tailored journey for you and your group, brimming with opulent experiences at a fraction of the cost. With the undivided attention of an EXG Safari Director, every moment is crafted to perfection, promising indulgence and adventure beyond compare. Elevate your safari experience without compromise—this is luxury redefined.

What Size Group Is The Right Size?

No bounds with EXG Safari. Whether you're planning a grand gathering with family, friends, or esteemed business associates, or seeking an intimate escape with a cherished companion, our Private Classic Safari caters to your every whim. Your group size is entirely your prerogative, and should it change before your adventure begins, rest assured, we'll seamlessly accommodate your desires. Experience the epitome of flexibility and extravagance with us.

Will You Get Your Dates?

Securing your preferred dates is our pleasure at EXG Safari. We are committed to fulfilling your every wish and sparing no effort to ensure your desired departure dates are available. In the rare instance that your requested date is already reserved, fear not— we will graciously create a new departure exclusively for your group, ensuring your journey unfolds exactly as you envision. Your satisfaction is our paramount concern, and we spare no expense in making your safari dreams a reality.

Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury by booking your Private Classic Safari with EXG. Simply ring us at (323) 332-6474 during our exclusive hours from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Manhattan Beach, CA 90266) every weekday. Alternatively, whisk your desires to us via email at, and we'll swiftly commence crafting your bespoke adventure.

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